ZhuCROM "Scout" Handguard

ZhuCROM "Scout" Handguard


This is the Magpul Zhukov handguard, originally designed for the AK47/AK74 rifles, and now modified and adapted to fit the PC Carbine barrel assembly. Now named the ZhuCROM “Scout”, this handguard provides enormous amounts of real estate and MLOK mounting slots. The modifications allow for access to the takedown locking mechanism and a new adapter. The “Scout” has the added bonus of a forward mounted rail, at the 12 o’clock, located between the iron sights. When combined with a compatible low profile red dot sight, this allows for a 1/3 co-witness capability.

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The ZhuCROM “Scout” handguard comes with the complete handguard system, modified in house to fit the PC Carbine, along with all the required mounting hardware. Including the forward mounted “Scout” picatinny rail.

***Current color options are limited to FDE and Black.

***Red dot sight, Ruger PC Carbine and Magpul SGA Stock are NOT included with this item