PhaZZer 21' Training Dart Cartridge NEW Design Patent Blue Blast Doors W/ Static Guard

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    PhaZZer 21’ (Blue) New Design Patent Training Cartridges contain compressed nitrogen to deploy two small dart probes attached to non-conductive wire that extends to 21 feet (6.4 meters). Used for training only.

    Cross compatible with TASER M26, X26, X26P, X26C PHAZZER Enforcer, PhaZZer Enforcer with data port, PhaZZer Force, and the PhaZZer Dragon.

    All PhaZZer® cartridges are a single shot application meaning you fire each round one time, similar to a single bullet. All PhaZZer® Electronic Dart Pro Ammunition options are considered Less-Lethal and contain a compressed nitrogen propulsion system. PhaZZer® CEWs and cartridges are classified as a Non-Firearm Ammunition by the United States (DOJ) Dept of Justice and (ATF) Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.